• Born in South Africa, in a rural village of Umtata, called Dukathole, in the Eastern Cape Province
• Babalwa studied natural sciences and obtained a degree in Masters of Science, at WITS University, South Africa
• A notable environmental consultant; her work experience has allowed Babalwa an insight into the structure and functioning of ecosystems, as well as integrated environmental
management and its associated tools such as environmental impact assessment

• Skilled in environmental legislation interpretation Babalwa has an understanding of legal requirements with respect to various environmental management tools.
• Babalwa’s vision prompted her in founding “Myezo Environmental Management Services (Pty) LTD”. Her company mission is to provide wise environmental solutions which promote
responsible environmental stewardship as well as upliftment of social, economic and ecological sanity.
• Babalwa’s vision as a South African female business owner and entrepreneur is to be a voice of consciousness,
an instrument of change in the manner in which development and environmental matters are handle
• Her passion regarding environmentally consciousness, goes beyond just professional implementation. Our progression as a nation from mere preservation to conservation and

promotion of environmental responsible development with socio-economic responsibility and commitment being at the core of any development.
• She embraced her spirituality and chose to honour the power she believes is the greatest and the author of creation, including her life. Babalwa’s approach is modest and
audacious at the same time: She proposes to learn and impart growth opportunities to those who are within her circle of influence.

Myezo Environmental Management Services was founded by
Babalwa Fatyi – in 2005. Babalwa is the Director and a registered
Professional Natural Scientist, with Master of Science (Cum Laude).
• Babalwa is experienced in a wide range of environmental services,cutting across various sectors.
She has exposure to the application of integrated environmental management tools.
Application of legislative requirements within the environmental field is her key strength and comprehensive report writing skills.
• Her work experience has allowed her an insight with respect to sector specific sustainable development requirements ranging from authorisations,
implementation and monitoring. She has been involved in undertaking public consultation for a series of industrial and mining projects amongst others.
• She has also worked for a prominent mining company where her role involved overseeing the firms compliance with its environmental obligations.
• Babalwa partners with large blue-chip companies as well as smaller companies requiring her expertise and
they collaboratively design strategies and methodologies for sustainable development
• She has developed a sustainability report for a Platinum Mine and focused on the environmental aspect of this reporting. She was also involved,
together with the Department of Environmental Affairs task team, for the development of the fourth national country report,
in the implementation of the United Nation’s Convention to Combat Desertification.
• She has been engaged in the implementation of the environmental legislation since the environmental conservation Act and
its regulations of 1992. She grew with the legislation and saw the development of National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998)
and was part of the consultative workshops that were held to get this act into action.
• Babalwa believes in Transferring of skills through mentoring of previously disadvantaged unemployed youth and graduates,
in environmental management by allocating resources for coaching in practical assignments
• As part of mentoring, Babalwa, through her company, partnered with Tshwane University of Technology as well as Cape Peninsula University of Technology
to provide students with six months experiential training programme.
• The internship is focused on stimulating the students to facilitate the:
- ability to reason and be self-aware,
- enhancement of objective analysis of situations
- application of insights to the interns to unlock the individual’s own potential to maximise their performance ability to achieve their career goals and outcomes
• Every project, that her company receives is seen as a platform, to provide an opportunity to transfer skills to unemployed graduates or those that seek experiential training. This is a contribution to a situation that is currently facing our country. Amongst others: Skills our future stars and leaders have acquired include
- Implementation of environmental impact assessment,
- Project management,
- Budget control and monitoring skills,
- Report writing skills,
- Presentation and facilitation skills,
- Communication,
- Stakeholder and regulatory involvement,
- Environmental legislation interpretation and application,
- Data collection analysis
- General character traits that are critical for development in the professional field we operate in, such as those related to taking initiative,
punctuality, decision making and reliability.
• Babalwa has achieved recognition as a unique South African poet with her remarkable poetry book “Greetings from My Core” having recently been published
• Babalwa Fatyi fathoms the depths of life and existence in her book,  Greetings From My Core. A collection of deep verses,
the book tackles the acknowledgment of one’s presence and being, as well as songs and aspirations, travels, victories and supernatural encounters of our core
• Just like the principle of greeting is about acknowledging others, “Greetings from My Core” is about the acknowledgement of our presence,
our being, as well as the songs and aspirations, travels, victories, and supernatural encounters of our core. My inspirations are about life experiences,
the depth of our being, and the revelation that I am more than my physicality

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