Dheshree Reddy

Founder and Director of Women in Shipping & Transport Services

Position: Director

Company: Women in Shipping & Transport Services

Telephone: 031 826 8889

Mobile Number: 071 443 8811

Email Address: dheshree@wists.co.za

Website Address: www.wists.co.za

Business Address: 172 Nineth Avenue, Morningside, Durban

I am a strategic businesswoman with a strong focus on company growth and proven leadership skills.
As a self-motivated and ambitious individual, I have thrived on challenges throughout my career.
My core philosophy is that motivation drives success.
Employees that retain a drive in their work is a catalyst for success for any organisation.
My academic qualifications and experience in the shipping industry has given me a diverse skill
set that has not only fully utilized my intrinsic people skills, but also optimized my managerial and business acumen as well.
• I have a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences with focus on Legal Studies, Psychology,
Sociology, Anthropology, and Linguistics. These have equipped me with a keen
understanding of human nature and formed a prime basis for sales skills.

• I also have a Management Diploma with majors in Marketing Management, Executive
Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, Financial
Accounting, and Management Accounting. These academic skills have offered me a
strong platform for managerial roles and the effect is evident in the success in the team I have led.

• I began my career as an acquittal clerk after volunteering for internship and attaining
a promotion based purely on work ethic and efficiency.

• I have accrued experience in some of the most renown shipping companies such as
Kien Hung Shipping, United Ships Agency, Hamburg Sud, and Maersk.

• Whilst working in External Sales for Hamburg Sud with marked success, Maersk offered
me a position as Senior Sales Executive where I was responsible for several key and VIP accounts.

• The MD of the Sharaf Group at the time then head hunted me to my role as branch manager
where I used to manage a staff compliment of 17, encompassing areas of documentation, sales, and logistics and operations.

• I opened Women In Shipping and transport services in April 2014 with the dream to uplift and empower women in this sector
We specialise in project cargo via road and sea and also have just started consulting on diesel and oil supply
WISTS specialised in sectors of shipping and transportation that you will not generally find women in.

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